Tomislav has been there, done that in food and through blood, sweat and tears, has gained a deep pool of experience in restaurant kitchens in Australia and London. Today, he offers his considered wisdom and hard-won experience as a Chef Consultant to clients seeking to establish new and exciting eateries or to transform their existing foodservice businesses.

Happiest in his chef’s whites with a knife or ladle in his hand, Tomislav’s life-long love for food has seen him employed in some of the finest kitchens in the world. He’s worked alongside a number of celebrated chefs such as Matt Moran, Guillaume Brahimi and the world-renowned Heston Blumenthal (including serving up the famed molecular gastronomy at The Fat Duck in London). Tomislav spent years immersed in London’s food scene, presiding over small and large kitchens, leading brigades of chefs, designing menus and exploring the best ingredients that Britain has to offer. Back home in Sydney, he established his namesake eatery, Tomislav Restaurant and appeared on Masterchef Australia. He has also been commissioned to develop new recipes for big name food manufacturers.

Today, Tomislav is pursuing a different kind of dream; to be there for passionate owners of restaurants and cafes, burger joints and dumpling bars, and steer them towards their ultimate success goals. That could be earning accolades, tripling turnover or breathing new life into a failing eatery and saving jobs in the process.

Tomislav knows food, he knows kitchens and he knows the world of dining. Always abreast of the latest food trends incorporating fine local produce or the latest weird and wonderful viral creations, he can inject more than a spark of creativity into your menu. He can train your kitchen staff to perform at the top of their game, serving up your new and exciting dishes with the kind of efficiency and harmony that only occurs in your wildest dreams. Learn more about how Tomislav can help your hospitality business to prosper.